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Alexis Servy, NMT, CMT, NCTMB is an innovator in Neuromuscular & Trigger Point Therapy. He is the creator of the "Musculoskeletal Exonerating Technique and System" (“Exonero” technique, for short). He is currently launching Advanced Massage Network, LLC. within the United States and plans to expand internationally.


Alexis has an elite clientele ranging from superstar athletes to A-list celebrities, to people working in the background of Hollywood. His life is dedicated to spreading the knowledge that, in order to have a healthy musculoskeletal system, one must manipulate and release dysfunction that impedes on the tendon’s range of motion and strength. Once the trigger point is released, the muscle fiber realigned, and inflammation pushed out an individual will be able to stretch further and strengthen faster. The Exonero project is an open-source project dedicated to spreading the gospel of the stretch/muscle manipulation technique, which is a modern miracle of science. Advanced Massage Network, LLC. is a sponsor and affiliate of the Exonero project.

What the Musculoskeletal Exonerating Technique and System Does for the Body.






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30 min……….$35


60 min……….$85


90 min……….$120


Package of 3 x 90 min……….$300


Package of 3 x 60 min……….$240

O.T.H.E.R.S. : have no idea that this is a modern miracle of science.


Open your range-of-motion in seconds, restoring you original gait.


Train the nervous system to maintain the new range-of-motion.


Heal micro-tears and torn muscles in half the time.


Eliminate swelling and inflammation with movement.


Remove referred pain by diminishing trigger points.


Strengthen the origin and insertion tendons.