The Science Behind the Musculoskeletal Exonerating Technique & System.

The Exonero Project is dedicated to helping the global society learn this innovative neuromuscular method allowing them to function and work more efficiently.  Everyone has the right to know that they have the power   within them to exonerate their own body at will  any time from their own musculoskeletal prison.


Alexis Servy, NMT, CMT, NCTMB


Never practice this technique on others unless you are a LICENSED THERAPIST, or a DOCTOR who has received certified training. The self-manipulation course serves as a self-manipulation guide for continuing to open the neural pathways that the healthcare practitioner has re-opened. The on-line course will help your certified healthcare practitioner to provide proper instruction to you on how to execute the Exonero Technique on yourself, giving you the results that you are seeking from the system. When introducing something new to your health routine you should always consult your primary care doctor first.


The Exonero Technique and System is the brainchild of celebrity therapist Alexis Servy, CEO of Advanced Massage Network, LLC. and a non-profit. Both businesses are dedicated to connecting naturopaths who teach and live by the naturopathic method. The two companies' primary focus is to support integrative medicine and to help usher in and nurture the integrative process with the aim of helping allopathic, functional, and naturalpathic medicine to primarily benefit the patients' outcome.


The Exonero Technique and System is dedicated to releasing and correcting the tendons of the musculoskeletal body to their optimal state by instantly correcting and releasing the dysfunction in the soft tissue that impedes range-of-motion and the proper gait of the body. The manipulation is extremely effective for decreasing fibrosis in the musculoskeletal system by targeting the affected area and reintroducing oxygen and enzymes through the bloodstream to the soft tissue that is desperately lacking both. Exonerating (freeing) the patient's musculoskeletal body from the prison created by the dysfunction within it. Exonero derives from the Latin verb exonerare - to exonerate. It is the newest form of soft tissue manipulation that allows for an efficient by-pass of three of the major defenses of the musculoskeletal body for at-will targeting and inducing the natural release within the muscle. This method complements massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and osteopathic manipulation, and is the best therapy in conjunction with physical therapy.

Othopedic Surgeons that integrate the system post-op will see their patients' rates of recovery soar. Patients that implement the method post-surgery will see an instant increase in range-of-motion, and a decrease in the inflammation of fibrosis tissue.


The system works superbly, not only for releasing tendons and reducing fibrosis in the most optimal fashion, but also by empowering the patient, themselves, with a method of self-manipulation that can be used as a tool anywhere and anytime to release acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain related issues. The system allows the patient to help the therapist to correct their own pain patterns by allowing the patient the ability to reinforce the manipulation they received from the therapist. The patient can help keep their neural pathways open in the most optimal homeostatic state that the body can recall, thus permitting rapid and correct healing in a natural, balanced state.


The Exonero technique and System masters ten important factors that usher in positive outcomes for the musculoskeletal body. The first three are the basis of the Muscle Exonero Technique- spindle cells, fascia and the psyche. The method confuses three of the main defenses of the soft tissue that affect the body's range of motion: the spindle cells within the muscle that limits R.O.M., the fascia that surrounds every muscle cell, joint and bone, and the patient's psyche, freeing movement to occur. The technique confuses these defenses, thus allowing the healthcare practitioner and the patient to by-pass limited range-of-motion as well as the defenses of the hardened fascia that surrounds the entire musculoskeletal body, primarily around the joints and muscle cells. The third factor, the psyche, incorporates the patient's own effort. It convinces the brain to tell the body to let go of the condition and to trust the practitioner. The fourth and most important aspect of the technique is that the method works within the patient's limited range of motion and limited pain tolerance, staying within the limits of both ranges while gradually opening them.


Fifth, the Exonero Technique feeds the starving muscle with oxygen through the blood stream, drastically reducing trigger points and releasing the muscle from its atrophic state on a level never before seen. Sixth, the technique re-aligns muscle fiber, allowing the musculoskeletal body's muscle tears to heal twice as fast. Seventh, the technique reintroduces enzymes to the nutrient-deprived fibrosis tissue at the points of concentration where pressure is applied. Eighth, The Exonero Technique is one of the best methods for pumping out inflammation from the muscles' tendon sites, allowing the tissue to heal faster. Ninth, The Exonero Technique, when implemented correctly, will continue to open and re-open neuropathways, so that the nervous system becomes re-accustomed to the body's proper homeostasis. This is the key to correcting any condition of the of the body With any therapy. It always results from re-training the nervous system. The tenth factor that greatly separates this method from others is that the Exonero Technique is not only a manipulation / stretch for the soft tissue but it is an exercise which involves performing gentle isometric resistance, strengthening primarily the origin tendons of the body and allowing them to recuperate quickly. These ten factors of the Muscle Exonero Technique, allow the body to usher in the most positive outcome possible for the musculoskeletal body, correcting the misalignment of the skeletal body and controlling the pain patterns that the patient is experiencing.


This system allows the patient and the practitioner to follow it with ease, teaching them how to systematically unlock and manipulate each muscle that is primarily related to different musculoskeletal dysfunctions developed by the body over time through repetitive use and injury. The technique and system corrects and eases symptoms of a long list of medical diagnoses that are related to the musculoskeletal body. Here is a short list of the conditions that the Exonero Technique helps most: trigger points, headaches, lack of range-of-motion in all joints of the body, carpal tunnel, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, golf elbow, tennis elbow, tendonitis, atrophy of the muscles, random pain patterns of the nervous system within the musculoskeletal body, and cross-fibered muscle fiber. Once mastered, the method can be performed by the patient in less than a minute to ten minutes targeting specific regions of the musculoskeletal body that are experiencing acute or chronic pain related issues.


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