Physioplasicity Evaluation and Technique or Physiopast. for short is a methodology that allows the athlete / patient to acquire typical incremental gains of strength and of range-of-motion in twice the time. The Physioplast. Evaluation and Technique accomplishes this by helping us understand and creating more awareness of the third dynamic aspect of the tendon’s overall health clearly. It’s not strength or range-of-motion. It’s knowing how to manipulate out and minimise on a macro level the dysfunction in the soft-tissue (such as the myofascial trigger point) that limits the range-of-motion, potential strength, and recovery. A dysfunction which in fact is typically the main the root cause of the inflammatory response within the soft tissue and the joint. The technique aligns the muscle fiber, applies gental traction on the skeletal body, and teaches the patient / athlete how to re-train the neuroplasticity (muscle movement), and the bioplasticity in muscle (the muscle memory). Creating more longer-lasting and corrective results. The Physioplast. Evaluation & Technique complements all other Physiotherapy, yoga, or strength training programs allowing you to acheive a quicker gains and a quicker recovery.

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