About The Physioplasticity Evaluation & Technique.

Physioplasticity Evaluation and Technique or Physioplast. for short is a methodology that allows the athlete/patient to acquire incremental gains of strength and range-of-motion in half the time. The Physioplast Evaluation and Technique accomplishes this by helping us understand and create more awareness of the third dynamic aspect of the tendon’s overall health condition. This aspect is not strength or range-of-motion. It is the knowledge of how to isolate, manipulate, and minimize, on a macro level, the soft tissue dysfunction, for example, a myofascial trigger point that limits the range of motion, potential strength, and recovery. A dysfunction is typically the main and root cause of the inflammatory response within the soft tissue and the joint. This technique aligns the muscle fiber, applies gentle traction on the skeletal body and teaches the patient how to retrain the neuroplasticity (muscle movement) and bioplasticity in the muscle (muscle memory), thus creating more lasting corrective results. The reason Physioplast. is such an effective methodology is that teaches us to follow the six key principles of natural law in rehabilitating and training the body. These six principals are : assessment (i.e. diagnosis), evaluation (i.e. x-ray or MRI), technique (i.e. manipulation or medication), order (i.e. optimal optimal order and integration), frequency (i.e. how often), cognitive acceptance (i.e. reprogramming the neuroplasticity). By following and applying these six natural curative key principles of health in every case study through Physioplast. we’ve started to understand more clearly the root cause, and how to control the inflammatory response of the soft tissue through manual therapy. The Physioplast Evaluation and Technique complements all other forms of physiotherapy, yoga or strength training programs, allowing you to achieve quick gains and a quicker recovery.

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